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Paul Ott's beloved song about the South, mentions all Southern states in some form.  Paul commissioned Amelia Clark to "paint a Southern Mansion" to go with his song.  Her choice was Evergreen, located north of Grenada, Mississippi.  The original center building was gutted by fire Christmas Eve, 1983, and was later torn down.  The property is under new ownership now with the center builing being constructed back to all it's glory.


I'm the South by Paul Ott and Amelia Clark
Double matted with double openings

I'm The South
Performed by Paul Ott
Written by Paul Ott Copyright © 

I'm the Little Rock of Arkansas
The Smokey Mountains and a cross-cut saw
Louisiana cooking and a watermelon vine
I'm a tall Georgia Pine
And Georgia's on my mind
I'm the Tennessee Waltz and all night sings
The Florida sun and Silver Springs
I'm Huck and Tom and the old folks at home
I'm Clingman's Dome

 Why, I'm the stars that fell on Alabam
I'm coffee in the morning
And an old smoked ham
I'm a Carolina moon, a dusty delta dawn
Magnolias in Bloom
I'm a thoroughbred grazing on Kentucky bluegrass
I'm coon hounds, bird dogs and tea of sassafras
I'm the Mississippi River as it rounds the bend
I'm Gone With The Wind
Y'all come back again

 I'm hanging moss on a live oak tree
Southern fried chicken and a cypress knee
Why, I'm the birth of the blues in New Orleans
The land of dreams
And I'm a trout a' jumpin' in a cool clear stream
I'm an antebellum home on the Natchez Trace
A rusty plow on the old home place
Azaleas a' blooming in beautifu Mobile
I'm the Virgina Reel
Derby Day in Louisville

 That Southern hospitality in Charleston
and in Raleigh
A Georgia peach, a cotton patch, Miami Beach
I'm Dan'el Boon and Robert E. Lee
The Seminole, Choctaw and the Cherokee
Well, I'm everything good 
you've ever dreamed about
Hush your mouth

 I Am The South



Paul Ott The Music of Paul Ott

 Compliment your selection of the framed lyrics from..."I Am The South" and Amelia Clark painting with the stirring music of Paul Ott. Visit the Paul Ott web site Listen To The Eagle to learn more about this unique southern entertainer, on-air media personality and musician.

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